Mevrax Roundnose

Luiren-Famous Author


Expert Author/7


Cousin of Bothalwart – has 3 daughters, 4 sons, all moved out except youngest- Dunberry Roundnose. He spoils Dunberry but wants him to learn the “ways of the world” and thus has Dunberry working the sheep everyday out in the far fields to the west. Mevrax is very engrossed in his current literary works- “The ways of the world and their influence on Halfling Society to its shag-rim and extreme detriment.” Mevrax has written many books, the most famous of which is entitled “La, La, La! Why Halflings write the best Songs”. There are other books as well such as The History of Lurien, Life of a Farmer, Left Foot, Right Shoe, and Piddle me Pee- a Pumpkin Carvingers Life’s for me! Well, they are best sellers in Lurien at least! Mevrax has a pair of spectacles and wears a fine shirt and vest with dress slacks and no shoes. He always wears his flat cap when outdoors and smokes a long pipe constantly. Sometimes he can be found on the edge of town on his favorite tree stump, smoking Halfling weed and staring up at fluffy clouds in the sky while jotting down random notes in shorthand.

Mevrax Roundnose

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