Maysoothsa Fairhair

Maysoothsa is a local unknown poet who wrote a poem published in Mevrax Roundnose's book "Life of a Farmer".


Maysoothsa is a local unknown poet who wrote a poem which went:

Through the ample open door of the peaceful country barn, A sun-lit pasture field, with cattle and horses feeding; And haze, and vista, and the far horizon, fading away. -Maysoothsa Fairhair

After writing this poem, May (for short) took it to Mevrax Roundnose’s house. She was a bit timid about approaching the well known author so instead of presenting the poetry to him directly, left it upon his doorstep with a rock to hold it down. Even though her name was on the poetry, she never heard back from Mevrax and when his next book entitled “Life of a Farmer” came out the poem was front and center on the first page to introduce the book, but no credit was given to Maysoothsa. She was enraged at this but did not have the guts to approach Mevrax about the matter. She hired the adventurers to find out why credit was not given where it was due and see if they can find out who Mevrax’s main publisher is in Beluir so she could go there to speak with them.

The “dirt” on this matter goes as such: May left the poem upon his porch. The neighbor’s goat “Mildred” got loose and found the paper and started to chew on it. Mevrax emerged from his home to find the goat chewing something on his way to get breakfast at the tavern. He grabbed the paper up and saw that half the paper had been eaten. On the other half was this poem. He was already writing a book on the life of a farmer and decided to use the poem. He didn’t realize that someone had written their name upon the paper and thought it was a gift from his friend Baibel Buttontail who lives in a Burrow on the far side of the town to the Southeast. Since Baibel likes to keep to himself and does not like any kind of publicity, Mevrax left the author blank in his book.

Iendelle Greenbottle was able to gleam this information from Mevrax over a bottle of brandy and some halfling weed.

Maysoothsa Fairhair

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