Iendelle Greenbottle

A female halfling rogue hailing from the city of Beluir.


Originally hailing from the Halfling city of Beluir, Iendelle takes pride in the Greenbottle name and has become a skilled and most agile rogue. She now travels wide seeking adventure throughout the lands of Luiren.


G’day fellow travelers I am Iendelle Greenbottle. I hail from the port city of beluir, where I lived for most of my young life. It is in the city of Beluir that I learned my tradecraft of thievery. Locks fascinated me from a very young age and I set my mind to learning them. I suppose that it is from there that I sought out others of like minds who would teach me the tricks of the trade that I would then end up calling my profession. I have heard whispers of a guild of people similar to me in a place known for it’s thieving prowess. My hope is to train with some of the best thieves and spies in the business and perhaps maybe have my name become known as a spy of sorts. This, I know will require me to travel out off lurien in order to train.


Iendelle Greenbottle

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