Dengleworth Birchswitch II

Halfling wizard who was causing trouble in Crimel. Current owner of one of the Lacuna Cauldrons!


Born in raised in the city, Dengleworth was a young child when he discovered magic. His parents would take him to magic shows where traveling magicians would display their tricks for many children. Dengleworth loved to watch the shows, but not knowing how they performed the tricks irritated him to no end. He started sneaking backstage, hoping to catch a sneak peak of how the magic was done. Still he heard and saw nothing of how the mages made the tricks possible. At age 9, Dengleworth decided to stow away in a foot locker where they kept some of their stage props after a show. He ended up over 100 miles from home before he made his presence known. He demanded that the men share their secrets with him. The mages laughed, but appreciated his bravery and took him before their master Fuio Skeletar.

Fuio took Dengleworth under his wing and began to tutor him in the art of magic. Even though Dengleworth had a loving family at home who were very well to do, he wished to forge his own path at a very young age. Fuio was impressed with Dengleworth’s bravery and fearlessness of forging a path into the uncharted. Fuio knew Dengleworth was something special, so he decided to show him the path he had chose in the world of magic.

At some point Dengleworth claims there was an argument between him and his master.

Fuio cursed Dengleworth by transferring his old age to him and stealing his youth. Dengleworth now appears as an old man in his seventies and Fuio looks like a teenager fresh out of mage school. After this, Fuio used his LACUNA CAULDRON and transported Dengleworth into the forest called the Lluirwood just north of the village of Crimel. Fuio was under the incorrect assumption that the cauldron was simply one way and connected to an elemental plane. Dengleworth scoured the Lluirwood and found a small cavern. He then setup shop to plot his revenge and steal his youth back.

First Dengleworth gathered some herbs and alchemical ingredients. Then he searched far and wide for a local spell caster. Dressing in the disguise of an old traveling merchant he inquired as to the location of local magic men so that he might sell some herbs and potions he had with him. The innkeeper in Crimel and a couple others remember the man asking about local magicians. He went by the name of Chirp. They told Chirp the traveling merchant about the Sage Tesnan Bundlebark but he didn’t seem as interested in him. He wanted to know if there were any other mages in the area. They thought for awhile and remembered an old hermit named Zanderfell Chickenglibbers who lived in an old farmhouse to the Southwest of Crimel. The old traveling merchant “Chirp” gave them each a silver piece and went on his way.

Undead sheep attacked the village, and Hermit Sage Zanderfell Chickenglibbers turned up dead. The group of adventurers was hired to investigate and they ended up tracking these events to “Chirp”.

Upon entering Dengleworth’s cave in the Lluirwood, Kep (*Charmed) turned against the group and they were captured and place in a make-shift jail cell. It was in this cell that they met Dengleworth’s former familiar, a very small Beguiler named Skippy Skelopotamus. Skippy told them all about Dengleworth and his plot to slay his master and regain his youth. Apparently, Dengleworth had found the other LACUNA CAULDRON that he had been banished through. It was a large black, rusted cauldron found partially buried in the bramble bushes in the Lluirwood. Dengleworth used the sheep to drag it out and back to his cave.

Now Dengleworth prepared strange potions and spells to cast on the cauldron to transport him to his master’s tower. His calculations and assumptions were incorrect though and with his spells and modifications, the cauldron ended up taking him to a very different alternate reality. We will call this reality LOST LUIREN to keep things straight.

The group followed Dengleworth and much ensewed including everyone being captured and thrown in a slave pit, and finally the groups escape through the same LACUNA CAULDRON in this reality at the top of ((Chepel-Wan))’s tower.

Now the group must decide what to do with Dengleworth Birchswitch II who is accused of thievery and murder in Crimel.

Dengleworth Birchswitch II

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