Chepel-Wan (Banished)

Chepel-Wan is a powerful Red Wizard of Thay from the Alternate Crimel (LostLuiren).


Chepel-Wan is a Red Wizard of Thay. He is the primary overseer of the slave camp that was once the village of Crimel in the alternative reality that the adventuring group recently visited. They had to rush through his tower, avoiding golems to get to the Lacuna Cauldron on the top floor. Magical items distracted Veit and Iendelle and they grabbed as many as they could. In the meantime, Dengleworth Birchswitch II worked his magic on the Lacuna Cauldron, attempting to get them home. After the PCs finished pocketing (loinclothing) the magical items the Red Wizard kept on hand, Chepel-Wan appeared and began to engage the party with powerful spells. He disintegrated one party member instantly and began to work his way down the food chain. Luckily, Dengleworth finished his spell and the entire surviving party leapt into the Lacuna Cauldron and were transported back to their reality. (The alternate reality was based on “String Theory”, an actual real world theory involving Quantum Physics which includes multiple “possible” alternative realities, some not unlike our own.)

The adventurers later found out that Chepel-Wan had followed them back to their reality using the Lacuna Cauldron. He took the Lacuna Cauldron with him into the Toadsquat Mountains and gained the support of the Ogres there. The group is soon leaving Beluir with a large group of Marchwardens to investigate further and attempt to remove the threat from Luiren.

Chepel-Wan (Banished)

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