Luiren Lacuna

New characters:

Duke Belfried Burrow
Mayor Calcitro Burrow
Erdel Talltufts


Viet discovers that there are other dwarves in the Great Rift who are like the Bearded Casters—potential allies, teachers and friends? The gold dwarves deserve a visit soon.

Iendelle snuck aboard a ship named the Mirrorwater in search of Mayor Silvo Carver’s ring, but failed to get it back from Captain Greytooth. The Mirrorwater left Beluir. Iendelle broke into a well to do house and stole 2 pearl necklaces, 2 gold rings, 1 silver ring, 2 silver rings with rubies, 1 silver ring with an emerald, 1 brass belt buckle with five red stones embedded in it, and 1 dragonfly amulet. She also slew a lizard creature in the sewers of Beluir.

The group visited Mayor Calcitro Burrow of Beluir and gained his support. He pledged to send 40 Marchwardens led by his #1 in command- Captain Furl Mossfoot. He also suggested that Iendelle gather what troops she could through her contacts, and that the group see the Temple of Yondalla to see what help the priests will give.

The Tershisal (TERSH-ih-SAL) Documents came up in discussions with the Mayor and the Halruaans. It seems that these documents were lost when the airship the Brekmarsian battled the great purple-green dragon known as Vekmarius over 900 years ago. The Brekmarsian crashed in the Lluirwood near the Toadsquat Mountains and was never heard from again. The Halruaans obtained permission from the Mayor of Beluir at the time to search the area but mysteriously found not a trace of the airship. It was as if it had vanished. Debris was found tossed about in the Lluirwood and up the slope of a mountain, but still even the scrying magic of the Halruaans failed them and they gave up hope. Now, for their own reasons- the Halruuans actively search for the Tershisal Documents again and hope to gain the Mayor’s assistance. The mayor has agreed to send one of the Halruaans with the group of adventurers already headed in that direction. If the adventurers can assist and actually obtain the documents, Halruaa has agreed to give Luiren it’s very own airship! They will be granting an older and smaller model of their current great ships, but this will be a huge help to Luiren in keeping it a free country and encouraging exploration. If the adventuring group is able to help they will surely endear themselves to Beluir and the mayor. If this is the case, perhaps they will be able to obtain travel upon the vessel when it makes trading runs to nearby countries! Veit would be able to travel quickly to and from the Great Rift and meet the Dwarf Mages there!

Only the coming adventures will tell if the Tershisal Documents are located and returned, and the evil Red Wizard of Thay, Chepel-Wan ousted from power in the Toadsquats!

GOOD LUCK ADVENTURERS! (You will need it!)



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